30 June 2021
The Future of Smart Homes and Connected Technology

Around 31 billion people will be connected to the internet by 2021 and 75.4 billion by 2025. This is how exciting the future of smart homes is. Let’s look at some predictions and see how IoT & PoE will play a substantial role in redefining smart homes.

Artifical Intelligence

Through Artificial Intelligence, smart homes will be able to track your location inside the house – either through the electronic sensors or the electronic pin on clothes. The house will give information on who and where you are, along with anticipating your needs.

Smart Lighting

Powered by PoE, Smart Lighting automatically adjusts itself when someone is present in the room. In case the occupant exits, the lights automatically dim or even shut off.

Smart Locks

With smart locks, your homes will now be smart and safer. It can be programmed basis your needs, and visitors can be granted/denied access based on specified identifiers.

Home Monitoring

Home monitoring technology can prove to be a big boost in safeguarding your home when you’re away. It helps you monitor the house and report any unprecedented incidents.

The future of smart homes is surely bright. We can’t wait to experience the best of IoT and PoE.

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