02 June 2021
How the Future of Wi-Fi Will Impact Our Workplaces and Lifestyles Worldwide

If there is one thing that has made this lockdown bearable, it would be our WiFi connection. Making Work from Home easy, keeping us entertained and helping us stay connected with our loved ones, WiFi has really been the knight in shining armour for most of us. Besides, WiFi has impacted how our society functions and it will continue to shape our future in unimaginable ways. Let’s look at the future capabilities of WiFi and how it will impact our workplaces and lifestyles.

The IEEE 802.11 WLAN standard is constantly evolving to aid enhanced broadcasting services, along with low latency and vehicle-to-vehicle capabilities. These are done using sensing applications found in homes, offices, and automobiles. These applications pull data and valuable insights from the environment and are used to augment users’ experience.

Another crucial area of development in the WiFi industry has been a move towards personalisation. With the help of AI technology and machine learning, WiFi networks are getting smarter at predicting the internet speed we desire and the content we use. WiFi providers are constantly endeavouring to offer a high standard of personalisation.

So, are you ready to experience connectivity like never before? We’re as excited as you are.

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