05 July 2021
Why WiFi 6 is better than WiFi 5

Ever since the discovery of radio waves in the 19th century, wireless technology has been evolving rapidly. Although some of the major and pathbreaking advancements have happened in the industry recently, the future seems to be even faster and brighter. Innovations and new launches seem to be on the cards. Let’s look at the most exciting technology that the entire world is looking forward to. Yes! We are talking about WiFi 6.

Designed to improve the performance of your home network by increasing the network capacity, WiFi 6 is set to make a substantial difference in terms of buffer-free streaming and faster downloads. You will be able to add more smart home devices without compromising on the speed of your internet as compared to WiFi 5.

Let’s look at why WiFi 6 is preferred over WiFi 5:

High level of performance even when connected with multiple devices

WiFi 6 is built on the already established WiFi5 (802.11ac) technology. While WiFi 5 has been a blessing to us in terms of providing gigabit speeds to our WiFi connections, it doesn’t live up to the expectations when it comes to accessing multiple devices at once. WiFi 6, on the other hand, uses orthogonal frequency division multiple access, a.k.a OFDMA, which increases and improves the network efficiency. This allows several devices with different bandwidth to connect seamlessly to your WiFi without compromising on the speed and quality.

Ideal for 4K/8K UHD streaming

Many of us tend to forget that buying gadgets that support 4K/8K UHD streaming is not enough; you need an equally powerful WiFi connection to compliment your viewing/streaming experience. This is where the power of WiFi 6 comes into play. With the help of ultra-fast processors, combined with increased memory and radio streams, WiFi 6 routers have the capability of holding multiple high-definition streamings without any stutters, buffers, or hiccups. This means you enjoy seamless streaming and nothing else!

Designed to make homes smarter than ever

From WiFi-connected bulbs to switches to door locks to appliances, smart home devices are making our lives easier and more convenient by the day. As a result of this, the average number of devices in a household has gone up to as many as 50. Hence, to support all this at once effortlessly, WiFi 6 has been designed to handle the pressure without impacting the speed. This facilitates uninterrupted connectivity of home devices, providing a unique and smooth user experience.

WiFi 6 is ready to change the future of connectivity! So, gear up to unleash its power and experience WiFi like never before.

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