10 July 2021
Forget CCTV. Here comes smart video surveillance.

The world of professional surveillance technology is not the same as we know of it. CCTV systems have been an integral part in providing us security and safety for years, however now they have now become a thing of the past. New technologies are creating groundbreaking opportunities to get more out of surveillance videos. This shift from analog to digital technology has paved the way into the cloud-hosted video surveillance. This industry has seen a growth of 6.5% per year, thanks to the rapid innovations it has witnessed lately. Here’s how AI technology and the cloud are making a difference in the world and are offering great opportunities for integrators, users, and software developers.

It is estimated that 5.8 billion enterprise and automotive IoT endpoints will be in use in various industries such as retail, public transport, and commercial buildings. This development has been catalyzed by various trends:

  • Transition from analogue to digitally networked technologies
  • Video surveillance has moved to cloud and IoT
  • Data transfer and connectivity in IoT have become better and more reliable
  • Smart apps are bringing more out of IoT cameras. They cannot be considered as just cameras anymore
  • Video technology has become more affordable and easier in terms of usage, therefore becoming more and more accessible to people and companies

While all these trends have shaped the surveillance industry, device empowerment has been the standout. The powerful processors and AI enable IoT cameras are doing more than just offering plain videos. The video analytics can be applied to various aspects in businesses.

  • Retrospective Analytics: Archive management, search, forensic research, and machine learning are some of the things that can be achieved through the smart video surveillance
  • Real-time analytics: Surveillance, face & object recognition, interpret events, and altering can also be achieved through this technology.

The most important characteristics of smart video surveillance systems that make them superior to the traditional systems are:

Scalability: The system components and functions can be easily added and managed.

Ease of installation: Unlike CCTV or other traditional systems, implementation and testing of smart surveillance cameras can pe done with just a few clicks.

Usability: You won’t need an expert to manage these cameras anymore! These innovative systems offer simple management and full control through online user interfaces.

The world of surveillance has come a long way, and its future seems promising. Our security and safety, unarguably, are in safe hands.

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