1 Mar 2022
The best smart home devices for 2021

Whenever we think that technology can’t get better, we are proven wrong! 2021 has shown us some path breaking innovations in the world of home automation. From security cameras to WiFi to devices that can raise your home IQ, we have definitely come a long way. Here are some of the best smart home devices in 2021.

1. Amazon Echo (4th Gen)

This brand new smart speaker beats all its competitors with respect to its profile, sound output, and features. Its speaker is extremely powerful – the bass is commendable and other features like a built-in Zigbee receiver and Amazon Sidewalk Hub make connecting devices such as light bulbs and locks seamless and reliable. Its affordable price tag makes it even more appealing to the target audience.

2. Adobe Smart Security Kit

This kit is a comprehensive DIY home security system with infinitely expandable smart home capabilities. It connects seamlessly with Alexa, Google, and Homekit and can also double as a hub for Zigbee devices. Although to access it, Abode asks for a monthly fee, but the amount is as low as $3 per month. Besides, you get professional monitoring, cloud storage, and other smart features such as geofencing of the alarm, so you don’t have to worry about triggering accidentally.

3. Arlo Cameras

These small, battery-powered cameras can be installed wherever you want – with an option of being hooked up to power in case you don’t want to worry about charging. Available in a wide range of price points, you can record footage in 4k to get extremely detailed videos. These cameras are also smart enough to distinguish between people, animals, packages, and vehicles so that you don’t get alarmed all the time.

While there are many smart devices that have come into the market, these three have really caught our attention. Let’s see which devices will take the world by storm in 2022.

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