1 Mar 2022
The best smart home devices
for 2021


Whenever we think that technology can’t get better, we are proven wrong! 2021 has shown us some path breaking innovations in the world of home automation.

25 Feb 2022
Can too many devices slow down or crash your WiFi router?


Take a look around, and you’ll be surprised to see how many smart devices you’re using – phone, watch, smart TV, home assistant, etc...

15 Feb 2022
Smart Home Technology for a Sustainable Lifestyle


The damage humans are causing to our beloved planet is not a surprise anymore. With this, we are also learning the need to bring about...

01 Feb 2022
Three reasons why you should be using a home automation system


It’s hard to imagine a home today that isn’t equipped with an array of electronic devices and technologies. Not just for TV, these days...

12 Sep 2021
Smart home systems you need with kids in the house!


For parents, raising kids is a wonderful experience. However, it’s challenging as well, especially in the world where both the parents are working professionals...

10 July 2021
Forget CCTV. Here comes smart video surveillance


The world of professional surveillance technology is not the same as we know of it. CCTV systems have been an integral part in providing us security and safety for years...

05 July 2021
Why WiFi 6 is better than WiFi 5 - A pathbreaking advancement


Ever since the discovery of radio waves in the 19th century, wireless technology has been evolving rapidly. Although some of the major and pathbreaking advancements...

30 June 2021
The Future of Smart Homes and Connected Technology


Around 31 billion people will be connected to the internet by 2021 and 75.4 billion by 2025. This is how exciting the future of smart homes is. Let’s look at some predictions and see how IoT...

02 June 2021
How the Future of Wi-Fi Will Impact Our Workplaces and Lifestyles Worldwide


If there is one thing that has made this lockdown bearable, it would be our WiFi connection. Making Work from Home easy, keeping us entertained and helping us stay connected with our loved ones...

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